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Don't settle, for any service company simply because you are in a rush. Your home is too important to be left to luck of the draw or in less-than-capable hands.


We work with insurers and adjusters because they can count on us to bring proven expertise and unsurpassed quality to every project. Backed by decades of experience in both commercial and residential repairs, with an extensive network of certified specialists covering every aspect of home restoration.

Concierge Service

We’re here for you, to provide complete guidance and personal attention in these stressful times. Simply give us a call (866) 219-9059 and leave the rest to our pros. From the first pulled floorboard to the final touch of paint, we take care of everything to bring back your beloved home quickly, on budget, and better than ever.

Attention to Detail

Our name, ITD, proudly stands for In The Details. That’s because it’s our core belief that true quality and care are reflected in paying attention to the little things. Unlike others who may not give a second thought to making a quick pass and finish a project in haste; we take the time and the effort to meticulously inspect, remove, and restore every inch of your home. It’s what we would do with our own homes, and you wouldn’t expect anything less.