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Fire Damage Restoration 101- How Do House Fires Get Started

Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Restoration in Boynton Beach, FL

A number of fires have caused damage throughout the West Palm Beach and Deerfield Beach areas that we have seen here at ITD Restoration. There are many reasons why fires can start, but knowing the top reasons why fires start may enable you to stay vigilant so that you do not have to deal with fire restoration and smoke restoration services in the future.


Kitchen Fires

There are a lot of kinds of fires that happen in the home, but one of the most common is a kitchen fire. It is estimated that two out of five fires in the home start when food is being cooked in the kitchen. In addition to causing 44% of home fires, these kitchen fires also result in 15% of home fire deaths and 38% of home fire injuries. Almost all of us have attempted to do multiple things while cooking, but ultimately this is what is responsible for the extremely high rate of home fires that require people to seek fire and smoke restoration services in the first place. The importance of this is especially high when it comes to frying since oil and grease fires are extremely dangerous, so when you are frying, make sure you put safety first.


Electrical Fires

Throughout the South Florida area, ITD Restoration has seen a fair amount of home electrical fires. There are approximately 51,000 electrical fires that occur every year in the United States, which result in more than 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damages, making electrical fires one of the most common types of fires. If you own an older home, you might want to pay special attention to it. There are many situations where modern appliances are installed in older homes that do not have the necessary wiring to support those home accessories. Additionally, it is very important that you pay attention to the recommended wattage for each of the lighting fixtures in your home, as using a bulb that uses a higher wattage can be a fire hazard.


Heater Fires

The second most common cause of house fires in the winter is heating equipment. On average, about 52,000 home fires occur because of heating equipment, including a significant number of fires caused by portable electric space heaters. The key to preventing these fires is to make sure that you only use one heater per circuit. Also, if you are using an extension cord, you want to ensure that the cord is not overheating and that it is still of high quality. It is also important to take care of how close the portable space heaters are placed to flammable objects, such as blankets or flammable furniture, in order to prevent a fire from occurring.


What If I Need Help?

ITD Restoration has two locations from which we deploy our services across South Florida.

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