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Fire Damage Restoration 101- What To Do After Experiencing a Fire

fire damage restoration

Experiencing a fire in your residential or commercial property is one of the most devastating and traumatic events one can experience. After an experience like this it may feel impossible to do what needs to be done or even know where to start. There are fire and smoke damage restoration companies like ITD Restoration who will be there for you around the clock and are able to help you return your home or business back to normal with much less stress than if you were to attempt to do so on your own. No one should suffer through the aftermath of a household or business fire alone, and that is why we at ITD Restoration do what we do. Here are some helpful tips on what should be done after the fire.

Safety First- Always!

Even after the fire has been extinguished, there are still many risks around entering the property. Always put your safety first, as challenging as it may be. We understand that there are valuables, mementos, and precious belongings that you may want to check on or salvage, but the best thing you can do is wait for the professionals to assist you in what can be restored rather than risking your health and physical wellbeing. Some of the risks that can present themselves are electrical shock, exposure to smoke residue and chemicals, exposure to contaminated water, and more. Listen to the emergency response team and other experienced professionals before making a decision to re enter your property.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contacting your insurance company is an important step of the process. Your insurance company may want you to document the damage, or they may wish to send out a claims specialist for assessment before any of the restoration begins. Knowing what you need to provide is crucial to make sure your insurance company takes good care of you and meets your needs.

Contact Your Fire Damage and Smoke Damage Restoration Company

Next you should contact your trusted restoration company, like ITD Restoration. These professionals will come in and assess the situation, and work quickly to secure the property in order to avoid injuries. When working with a team of experienced fire damage restoration specialists, you may also have the benefit of them helping you with your insurance claim and providing useful insight into the process. At ITD Restoration, we understand that this is a very emotional time and will handle the job with care and support, and do everything in our power to restore as much as we possibly can so you do not have to experience any more loss.

Steer Clear of Cleaning Soot and Smoke Damage

It is important to note that conventional cleaning methods and products can often make soot and smoke damage worse. Soot particles are incredibly tiny, which can cause cleaning methods to actually embed them more into your belongings, and at some point make them unsalvageable. If the items that were damaged are not properly cleaned and restored there is a possibility that harmful chemicals can be left behind as well.

Limit Your Movements Within and Access to the Property

The damage that is caused to a home or business during a fire puts anyone who enters at risk of physical injury. Damaged building materials can collapse and do major harm. There is also the potential to come in contact with contaminated water and chemicals and pollutants that were released from the smoke, so every moment you are exposed without proper protective gear is a risk. If you can’t avoid entering the property before it is secured, be sure to be cautious and limit your movement and exposure as much as possible.

Fire Damage and smoke damage create an overwhelming task for those who have experienced it. Don’t handle fire damage restoration alone. Contact ITD Restoration any time to get started on your fire and smoke damage restoration process.