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Flood Damage in Lighthouse Point, FL

Flood Damage Damage Restoration in Lighthouse Point, Florida

Experiencing a flood is a terrifying experience. In the midst of it all you can’t help but imagine the possible flood damage your home or business will experience and what the road to recovery will be like. Flood damage in Lighthouse Point, FL can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your property, potentially affecting everything from your foundation up. Not only can it be harmful, but the results of water damage can be an eyesore and cause potent odors, making your living situation uncomfortable and depressing or stressful. Luckily there are companies that can assist you with flood damage restoration so you don’t have to travel that difficult road alone.

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ITD Restoration has decades of experience helping families and businesses get through flood damage repair. Our professionals service areas all throughout Martin county, Palm Beach county, Broward county, and Dade county. Here in Lighthouse Point, Florida, there are many instances that can lead to a possible flood situation, such as hurricanes, storms, poor infrastructure, burst pipes, appliance overflow, or even accidents in the home. No matter the cause, our experts at ITD Restoration will be there from start to finish.  It is also important to make contact with your insurance company right away in order to be aware of your coverage. ITD Restoration is trusted by insurers and adjusters because of our top quality service in Lighthouse Point, FL.


Flood damage restoration in Lighthouse Point, FL is a long and tedious process that starts with water mitigation and includes many steps including structural inspection and repair, mold and mildew removal, and cosmetic repairs, electrical repairs and replacement, and more. It is our goal to assess the situation, and to help not only get back to normal in a timely manner, but leave your home or business better than before!

When flooding and water damage are present, it is crucial to begin the restoration process immediately in order to prevent further damage of your belongings and property. Not only that, but exposure to water damage can cause health risks, worsen allergies and asthma, affect our mental health, and even encourage the growth of bacteria and toxic mold which can affect our immune systems drastically.

Flood Damage Restoration in Lake Worth, FL

Don’t just trust anyone with the extensive job of flood damage repair and restoration in Lighthouse Point, FL. Our attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on, and is crucial to ensure the job is completely done and there are no remnants of the damage left behind to continue causing harm to your home and health.

Put your trust in ITD Restoration to get the job done right. We thrive to meet the perfect balance between a quick and complete job and meticulous attention to detail- no cutting corners, and nothing left behind except a fresh and restored space! We work hard to make sure your home or commercial property is brought back to life quickly, on budget, and better than ever. If you are dealing with water damage from flooding, call us today at (866) 219-9059 and let us get started on restoring your commercial property or home right away.

About The City of Lighthouse Point, Florida

Lighthouse Point is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale located in Broward County, Florida, United States. The area is particularly known for its stunning beaches and abundant parks.

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