Ceiling Water Damage

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The amount of time it takes to remedy a mold infestation depends on the extent of the problem. Typically, It takes several days to a week to properly and completely remove mold from a property. Longer if there is severe damage that requires more extensive cleaning and repairs.

There are two main points to remember:

  1. Early defection means shorter cleaning time
  2. Always hire a professional service company to get the job done right


Mold snowballs inside a home, usually within 24-48 hours on moist and wet surfaces after water damage. You can look for the following signs to defect its presence:

  • Musty mildew odor
  • Dark spots on floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Condensation on surfaces like metal or glass due to high humidity levels
  • Unexplained allergy symptoms or breathing issues

Southern Florida can get very humid and also experience frequent flood damage. These are all ripe conditions for mold infestation.

Therefore you always want to detect and fix the issue before it literally grows out of hand. Best to contact experienced mold remediation companies such as ITD Restoration and have professionals inspect and identify the exact cause/source of mold.


Proper mold remediation is a complicated and evolved process. It requires specialized gear and know-how and should only be performed by trained pros, or else you risk incomplete removal and exacerbating the problem even more. Plus, it poses serious health risks for anyone attempting to fix it without proper protection.

ITD Restoration has the knowledge, experience, and machinery to get the job right. Our technicians have undergone special mold removal training and know the exact steps involved in handling mold cleanup.

Each case presents its own set of issues and challenges. Our professional team applies their decades of experience to provide you with practical options and solutions for your unique situation.

We will perform a thorough cleanup which includes:

  • Identifying and containing the affected areas
  • Utilizing special equipment to remove all mold, down to their microscopic spores
  • Sanitizing surfaces to prevent further damage

This includes a comprehensive remediation plan that will ensure the proper removal of mold and help you maintain a mold-free environment well beyond the completion of our service.


The faster you get our professional service team to access and start the remediation process, the less time it will take to eradicate the infestation.

While nobody wants to face a mold issue, it is a fact of life here in south FL. Count on ITD Restoration to provide you with complete, end-to-end mold remediation services that are reliable and effective. So you can return to a safe environment as quickly as possible and get on with your life.

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LIC: #CBC1263706