Sewage Cleanup in South FLorida

Having to deal with sewage cleanup can be an absolute nightmare! Not only is it a disgusting and difficult task, but it requires proper protection in order to prevent exposure to bacteria and germs that can do our bodies great harm. It should come as a relief to know that there are professionals like ITD Restoration that can get the job done safely and efficiently so you as a homeowner or commercial property owner can not put yourself or those around you at risk.

It goes without saying that sewage backup is unsightly and causes some horrendous odors, but there is a lot more to take into consideration besides what we see and smell on the surface. Besides that, sewage backup can cause a plethora of issues including structural damage and water damage, viruses, and can even contaminate your drinking water putting you at risk for giardia, hepatitis A, tetanus, and other scary illnesses.Ignoring the issue will make matters worse and more hazardous, so contacting a company to assist you with removal and restoration should be the first thing on your to do list if you find yourself in this situation. 



In Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties

Plumbing drain pipe is being connected to septic tank for waste treatment


There are many potential causes that could leave you in this predicament, including a septic system failure, flooding, broken pipes, poor infrastructure,  natural disasters, and any sort of overflow of water that has come into contact with raw sewage. No matter the cause, calling ITD Restoration is the solution!


If you find yourself experiencing sewage overflow it is important to keep yourself and those in your home or business including pets or service animals away from the site to avoid exposing yourself to any germs or bacteria that can cause illness. If the overflow is inside the best thing you can do is evacuate and contact a sewage backup cleanup professional to handle the job of handling the removal right away and assess the damage so repairs and restoration can be carried out when the time comes. After identifying the source of the problem and resolving it the team will sanitize and disinfect any contaminated areas to be sure that anyone who comes in contact with the area is not put at risk for any harmful viruses.

Don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk by handling this job on your own. It is our goal to handle any job you have within budget and leave your property in better condition than before the disaster happened. At ITD, we pride ourselves on being detail oriented in order to ensure the job is 100% done, with no risk of harm or further damage for you or your property. Sewage cleanup should be handled by a company you trust. With decades of experience servicing Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties, we can safely say you can put your trust in our knowledgeable experts. If you find yourself in need of emergency assistance with sewage cleanup, call us (866) 219-9059 immediately to get the job started and prevent any further damage.