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Understanding Water Damage After a Florida Hurricane – Insight from a Water Damage Restoration Company


When people think of hurricane water damage in West Palm Beach and Deerfield Beach, FL where ITD Restoration is located, it’s often thought that the damage will be obvious to the eye. Many people picture curled floorboards, stained walls, and other visible indicators. The water damages are generally more insidious than that. With ITD Restoration and our water damage restoration services, we can thoroughly check for these more hidden damages.


Signs of Hidden Water Damage

  • If you notice mold starting to form in the seams of your ceilings or floors this is an early indicator of hidden water damage. If you are in the West Palm Beach or Deerfield Beach area you should contact ITD Restoration as soon as possible for water damage restoration and mold remediation services.
  • If you notice a change in the odor of your home, specifically if you notice a musty odor, that can be a non-visual sign of hidden water damage. You should be especially vigilant in any areas of your home with moisture, lack of air circulation, and a dark environment. Remember, covering up the odor is not resolving the issue.
  • Paint or wallpaper beginning to come off the wall is also a key indicator of hidden water damage. If you don’t use a water restoration service like ITD Restoration as soon as you notice an issue like this, it can lead to much more severe damages.
  • Keep an eye out for discoloration in your drywall and ceilings. This is a major sign of water damage and should not just be painted over. You may want to contact ITD Restoration for assistance in finding the source of this discoloration.
  • Warping in your walls, flooring, or ceiling is often caused by hidden water damage. This is hazardous because this is causing structural damage to your house and should be remedied with water restoration as soon as you notice it.
  • Keep an eye on your monthly water bill, as an irregular raise in the bill may indicate a leak or broken pipe.


Common Causes of Hidden Water Damage

  • Missing roof shingles can mean your home has lost its defense from outside moisture. Hurricane winds can easily remove shingles from your roof. The roof can also be damaged by flying debris, falling trees, or fallen electrical wires. The larger the number of shingles damaged or removed, the greater your chance of a leak.
  • Broken windows from impact to the glass can allow water to enter the building. Additionally, a less obvious window defect can cause water to enter the building. A poorly fit window seal can also be a surprise when water starts entering the home. This kind of defect means the water can often find its way into the walls and floors of the home.


What If I Have Questions or Need Help?

Attention to detail is a top priority for us and can be the difference between a job that is seemingly done on the surface and a job that is well done through and through. Don’t let water damage affect your life any longer- get your home and your life back in order today. Simply give ITD Restoration in West Palm Beach and Deerfield Beach a call at (866) 219-9059 and leave the rest to our professional team.